Thursday, November 28, 2013

May Angels Lead You On (Cover of Hear You Me by Jimmy Eats World)

Right before my daughter, Sam, left on her mission - in fact the day before she left - she taught her little sister a song on the guitar. The song was "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World.

After she left, we decided to form a family band, Intuninophkee, and sing songs that we changed up to be missionary songs. This is the first song we did, and we used everybody.

This one is special for us because it's kind of a message for our daughter/sister regarding how we feel about her serving her mission. We are so proud of her and the hard work she is doing serving the Lord. It's also our testimony that His work is important.

She may never be able to see this video while she's on her mission, and let's face it--we're NOT professional musicians. We have no sophisticated video equipment, sound studio, or even instruments. We don't always sound great, and the kids are DONE recording long before we really get it right. There's always someone rushing. It is what it is, but we love doing it.

I truly believe that what Samantha is doing is so important. I believe that she will be attended by angels in all she does. She is an incredible missionary, and we pray for her constantly.

Here is the link: May Angels Lead You On

Vocals: Bruce
Guitars: Lydia, Marilyn
Keyboards: Lizz
Drums: Adrienne
Bells: Yu Chen

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