Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Thou My Vision

This version of Be Thou My Vision was arranged by Samantha. She taught it to her sisters just before she left on her mission in June. She wanted to see if they could do 4-part harmony, and this is their first attempt. They recorded this the night before she left, and you can see when the Stake President came in to set her apart. You can hear that they didn't have time to really learn their parts, but I'm posting it anyway because I like it.(I'm absolutely sure I'll get in trouble for this ;) Just keep in mind that they didn't have long to learn their parts, and it's hand written which makes it a bit harder to read.

We're going to have them record it when Sam gets back so we'll have a before and after picture. Here's the link to their "before" version: Be Thou My Vision

Now, Sam's not officially a member of our family band, Intuninophkee, since it was formed after she left on her mission. But she's the most musical of all of us, so we'll take her anyway.

Stay tuned in a year or so for their "after" version.

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